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About Us

According to a long-time resident, Forest Lake Estates once contained only fields and apple orchards. Telegraph was one lane each way and Square Lake Road was gravel. On the NW corner of that intersection, where Target now sits, was the court house, a two-story white colonial building. On the SW corner, home to Arthur Murray Studios, was an old streetcar that had been turned into a diner. A little farther west on Square Lake was a small cemetery with three graves and across the street was a large silo. The houses in the subdivision were built one at a time. Forest Lake Country Club was formed in 1926 by the indomitable Colonel Edwin S. George, who founded many clubs in the area. The club floundered into the thirties and fell into disuse. In 1954 some 50 families reorganized Forest Lake Country Club, renovating the golf course and club house. Just past Club Drive, off Square Lake, was a large peach orchard and Colonel George built his mansion there and called it home. Today it is the site of Turtle Lake Estates.

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